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Evicted City

Evicted City
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Released: October 20, 2023
Director: Laurence Turcotte-Fraser, Priscillia Piccoli
Producer: Dominique Dussault
Studio: Les Films du 3 mars
Cast: Guylain Levasseur, Loan Nguyen, Michel Monette, Renée Thifault, Maggie Sawyer, Francine Goyette, Pascal Lavoie
Genre: Documentary
Length: 80 minutes

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Evicted City Synopsis

Montreal, Canada. One of North America’s last remaining affordable cities is now in the midst of an unprecedented housing crisis. As a result, the face of homelessness is visibly changing. “Renovictions” are on the rise while demand in homeless day centres explodes. In the Plateau Mont-Royal — a neighbourhood synonymous with gentrification — a 90-unit building named Manoir Lafontaine becomes the symbol of renoviction resistance in Quebec. An intimate portrait of a socio-political crisis, this multilayered film explores the human impact of real estate speculation on the cities of tomorrow.


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