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Life, Animated

Life, Animated
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Released: July 29, 2016
Director: Roger Ross Williams
Producer: Carolyn Hepburn, Christopher Clements, Julie Goldman, Roger Ross Williams
Studio: The Orchard & A&E Indiefilms
Cast: Jonathan Freeman, Gilbert Gottfried, Ron Suskind
Genre: Documentary
Length: 89 minutes

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Life, Animated Synopsis

Based on the book by Ron Suskind, this quirky documentary focuses on Ron's real-life son Owen Suskind. An autistic boy who struggled to speak, Owen began memorizing Disney animated films and turned them into a language he used to develop reading, writing, and communication skills. In order to communicate with Owen, the Suskind family was turned into animated characters, speaking in Disney dialogue and song only.

This is the inspirational story of a boy who overcame great challenges in order to fully express himself and a family whose love let his imagination run wild.


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