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The Adventure Club

The Adventure Club
Score: 7.82 / 10
Released: October 8, 2016
Director: Geoff Anderson
Producer: Glenn Paradis, Mark Montague, Sara Shaak, Shayne Putzlocher
Studio: Indiecan Entertainment
Cast: Sam Ashe Arnold, Dalila Bela, Jakob Davies, Robin Dunne, Gabrielle Miller, Lorne Cardinal, Kim Coates, Billy Zane
Genre: Family
Length: 129 minutes

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The Adventure Club Synopsis

Three ten-year-old friends - Sandy (Dalila Bela), Bill (Jakob Davies) and Ricky (Sam Ashe Arnold) - discover an ancient artifact that has the ability to grant wishes. With the help of Ricky's mom, Jane (Gabrielle Miller), the kids decide to use the box to save their local science center from bankruptcy.

However, it turns out that Martin (Robin Dunne), Jane's boyfriend, was forced to make a deal with some gangsters and when these shady characters find out about the box, they become determined to get their hands on it.

Screening on one day only - October 8, 2016.


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