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A Miracle on Christmas Lake

A Miracle on Christmas Lake
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Released: December 31, 2015
Director: John Kissack
Producer: Jayson Therrien, John Kissack
Studio: Vision Films
Cast: Kristian Jackson, Siobhan Williams, Will Sasso, Jake Church, Anne Hawthorne
Genre: Family
Length: 110 minutes

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A Miracle on Christmas Lake Synopsis

After losing his best friend Charlie on Christmas Eve, young Bobby (Kristian Jackson) struggles to hold onto his joyful spirit. One night, while shoveling the icy lake on which he and Charlie used to play countless hockey games, he discovers a magical, perfectly groomed hockey rink that only appears at night and only in his presence.

But when a construction company purchases the land for development, Bobby and his friends must rally to save the rink, a mission that finally gives Bobby something to hold onto.


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